Cartwright, Western Manitoba


Fungicide Wheat
Western Manitoba | ABM Gerald Hildebrand

In this trial in Cartwright we first sprayed the crop with a tankmix of BRAZEN™ II & ESTEEM™ showcasing the superior weed control of this combination. To protect the flag leaf of this great looking crop we sprayed CUSTODIA®, ADAMA's newest fungicide with two modes of action, this unique combination of tebuconazole and azoxystrobin has both curative and preventative disease control. Scroll down to see ESTEEM™ and BRAZEN™ II also at work in this field!

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Demo Plot Information

Variety: Snowstar

Spray Timing: July 2, 2020

Rust, Septoria, leaf blotch, tan spot

Tank-mix Partner:

Cooperator/Retail: JB Agro Cartwright

Active Ingredient: Tebuconazole and Azoxystrobin
Chemistry Group: Group 3 & 11
Competitor Product: Unique to ADAMA

Key Benefits:

  • Multiple modes of action for resistance management
  • Curative and preventative disease control
  • Broad spectrum leaf disease control with superior rust control compared to competitors
  • Penetrates quickly into the leaf tissue
  • Keeps the plant greener longer

Key Crops:

  • Wheat (Spring, winter, durum)
  • Barley

Key Weeds Controlled:

  • Leaf rust
  • Stem rust
  • Stripe rust
  • Septoria leaf blotch
  • Tan spot
  • Net blotch
  • Spot blotch
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