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Herbicide Barley
North East Saskatchewan | ABM Brooke Moon

Welcome to our BRAZEN™ II trail.

BRAZEN™ II is ADAMA’s newest graminicide with the active ingredient Pinoxaden that we have all come to trust to control grassy weeds in both wheat and barley.

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Spray Timing/application date:


Tank-mix Partner:

Cooperator/Retail: Melfort Research Farm

Active Ingredient: Pinoxaden (contains Cloquintocet-mexyl for safener)
Chemistry Group: Group 1
Competitor Product: Axial®

Key Benefits:

  • Safe to use on both spring wheat and barley up to flag leaf on both crops – saving time in spray season
  • Broad-spectrum annual grass control including wild oats, green foxtail, yellow foxtail, Persian darnel, volunteer oats, volunteer canary seed and proso millet
  • Works quickly on grassy weeds removing the competition fast
  • Wide application window (1–6 leaf, up to the 3rd tiller stage of grassy weeds)
  • Multiple tank-mix options for one-pass weed control
  • Multiple years of testing showed outstanding results in field tests across Western Canada

Key Crops:

  • Spring Wheat
  • Barley

Key Weeds Controlled:

  • Persian Darnel
  • Wild Oats
  • Green & Yellow Foxtail
  • Volunteer Oats
  • Volunteer Canary Seed
  • Proso Millet
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